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September 2016


Being aware of myself and what I offer to the world is such an important aspect of my life.  I can really be at peace just about anything because I don’t feel like I need to cater to any expectations… Continue Reading →


The days may take certain shape every day.  I tend to think lately that persuing an agenda may not be the most valuable thing to do.  On the other hand, the whole world is in a mode of persuing agendas,… Continue Reading →


There are times to realize that what you have been over the years, pays in different ways.  I’ve been always able to recognize this mostly when I am moving to a different city.  This is the case these days. It… Continue Reading →


Without going into a formal definition of this word.  I think that it is such an important topic to talk about because today I realized that there is also other kind of toxins that we may allow to enter our… Continue Reading →


I am hoping that a true expert never calls himself an expert.  But I suspect it happens, even on some websites that they offer expert advice. Expert may be what others observe about someone else who knows much more than… Continue Reading →


You dont’t think about much until you have either the need to move to another place or you are really looking for something important and just forgot where it is.

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