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There isn’t a better way to be good at something other than through practice. There are different ways someone can learn to do something.  Everyone has a learning style.  But practice is what makes the master as they say. For… Continue Reading →


Part of my process of improving things in my life is being more aware.  But it is a process and not something that is done once and then you have it all the time. I sometimes wonder how much I… Continue Reading →


Routine is important.  I need it.  It is vital.  But, I don’t like it. I am not the type of person that is completly happy about being all the time under certain structure.  Perhaps it is in part when my… Continue Reading →


So I came for my morning walk where I am able to ground.  Remove my shoes and step on the grass.  I think it is very very important that we go back to being in contact with the earth.  The… Continue Reading →


One thing at a time is what I constantly need to remember as I try to make multiple decisions and setting up priorities.  I believe that the habit of multitasking makes so much room in my thinking process that it… Continue Reading →


It really does’t matter if I am ready. Because if I am not, I can be certain that eventually I will be. Sometimes that question of whether I am ready or not runs in the back of my mind as… Continue Reading →

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