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There is a sense of balance in almost everything I do.  But what balance means to me does not necessarily mean the same for someone else.  But I think that the most important balance I can look for is the… Continue Reading →


The first thing that comes to mind when I think about tools is perhaps a hammer or something very tangible.  I wouldn’t imagine living without any kind of tool, in what ever shape or form that may be.  I remember… Continue Reading →


Life tends to get all of a sudden more complicated than expected.  It is always a matter of setting up proper priorities, but sometimes priorities don’t come in front of us with a very clear message. I don’t think we… Continue Reading →


There is so much structure all around us.  The world is in such a way that life gets defined around certain parameters, standards, status quo and expectations.  This in a way leads us to loose somehow our true escense. It… Continue Reading →


There can be a number of dreams and ideas as well as strategies and plans.  But the steps continue to be a necesary action to be taken, no matter where we want to go, no matter what we want to… Continue Reading →


There is so much that an experience evokes.  There are different ways to see it.  Every one has a unique experience.  I can have an experience as simple as putting money in a parkimeter.  I can have an experience by… Continue Reading →

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