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There is so much that an experience evokes.  There are different ways to see it.  Every one has a unique experience.  I can have an experience as simple as putting money in a parkimeter.  I can have an experience by… Continue Reading →


There are some words that may have more power than others. Specially when it relates to something that affects my health.  This was the case this morning when I was told that I was born with what is called an… Continue Reading →


I For moments when I think I don’t have time for anything, driving is one activity that definetely allows me to think.  It is a therapy for me because I get to experience different views as I go along the… Continue Reading →


Oh yes! that one feeling when you are leaving in order to embrace a new and exciting cycle. The moment is full of memories and emotions.  You know there is a lot that has happened and you know there will… Continue Reading →


Every time I am preparing for a trip, as I am packing and making sure I have everything I need I tend to go into a state or process of compression of many things to be done in a very… Continue Reading →


Being aware of myself and what I offer to the world is such an important aspect of my life.  I can really be at peace just about anything because I don’t feel like I need to cater to any expectations… Continue Reading →

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