There are some words that may have more power than others. Specially when it relates to something that affects my health.  This was the case this morning when I was told that I was born with what is called an “anomaly” that has to do with my sacral bone and the last vertabra being glued together, so to speak.

This all has to do with my back injury that I recently had as I was getting ready to move and had the need to move so many boxes and heavy objects.  It actually gave me some insight about previous back problems and the relation to feeling stressed and perhaps overwhelmed.

As I reflected on this issue, I started thinking that all my life I have lived like this. And perhaps hearing the chiropractor say it, triggered an unciscious reaction in me that had to do with feeling worried.

I try to see this as a simple thing.  In doing so, I am able to stay at peace when making the proper decisions to work on this health issue and eventually be able to continue to live the live I want to live.

I can also try and switch a bit the connotation of what the word means.  I would like to think that an anomaly is just something unusual, something out of the ordinary.  Something that can even be a good thing,  I believe that learnig to live with disconfort is part of life.  I it is what may help me to go along the rides of ups and downs in life with a different attitute.

Life always provides the necesary experiences that I need to learn and it is always a matter of how I choose to live those experiences.