Have you thought about writing an autobiography? These days I think a lot of people do that without knowing about it. It is the little details that happen in life that we can easily document as we go with the different social media platforms. 

After all, I believe that the process of writing an autobiography is putting together important and perhaps not so important peaces of what happens in one life stream that eventually ends in the master peace of the life of someone. Everybody holds a peace of the puzzle, everybody has a story to tell. 

Weather we communicate what goes in our inner world or not, there is something of incredible value that a person can provide to the world. 

Imagine the value that you can provide to others by just sharing your own insights as you go in life. I know it is a practice to make the effort of being better to tell the story of your life. But I think it is worth it.

Perhaps it is a quick photo that captures the moment, perhaps a long blog post or a video, the timeline is yours, just as your life is yours to own and experience as you want to create every day until the end.

No matter what you do, no matter what you feel passionate about, no matter your struggles and challenges, sharing will always be a key in providing something of value, if not now or tomorrow, eventually it will happen!