Part of my process of improving things in my life is being more aware.  But it is a process and not something that is done once and then you have it all the time.

I sometimes wonder how much I live in my own world and how much the world, or in other words, others, know about my world.  Not that they have to know everything, there must be a balance that works for all worlds.

The value that we all have as unique human beings is incredible.  This is why learning how to communicate is a very important key for making sure that what ever we learn in this life, we can share and potentially help others.

I believe deeply in helping others just for the sake of helping and not because there may be something in return.  Sometimes the culture has been shaped over the years by how the world of business operates.

Not everything is buinsess.  Not everything has to be money or around money.  Not everything has a numer attached to it for data insights.

Being aware is a practice that easily and without effort takes me to places where I can ponder in a more philosophical way, any aspect of life as it comes to me.  Being aware allows me to have a better pulse on how much of my world share some common ground with worlds of others.

Even if it is finding in me things that need to be changed.  I wonder what has been, over the past years, what has prevented me to not be aware.  Perhaps the word distractions comes to mind.  Perhaps the different priorities I have set in place.  Perhaps it is the lifestyle I’ve chosen.

But my reality is that, I can always choose to be aware and to cultivate awareness.  And by doing that, I will be able to be more of what I really want to be.  Expand on my stregnhts, have new dreams and take the steps to realize them.