There is a sense of balance in almost everything I do.  But what balance means to me does not necessarily mean the same for someone else.  But I think that the most important balance I can look for is the one that feels right for me.

Navigating along the things that happen in life, even as I go everyday through all the challenges is also an opportunity to continue to look for balance.  I may think that if I only focus on making money, that is going to be the key that will bring everything else in my life.  But more than focusing on one and only thing, it is a matter of focusing on the important things. But that begs an important question: how to know what’s important?

I think that there is a need to sit down and think deeply, very often, about what we want to do with the time we have while being alive.  But most importantly, how we want to go about life.  For me, life is also about balance.