Oh yes! that one feeling when you are leaving in order to embrace a new and exciting cycle. The moment is full of memories and emotions.  You know there is a lot that has happened and you know there will be lots of memories that will bring many lessons to contemplate when see in retrospect.

Then there is also a fresh excitement about new things to come.  The adventure part of life comes back as if it was hidden and inactive somewhere.  I’ve heard many times over my life about enjoying life as if it was the last day.

I leave very happy, because I know that I have been ablto to leave a good mark somehow.  I leave very excited because I know I should be able to move forward and make good things in the world.  And I feel at peace because I know that what I leave behind is at it should be, without regrets and without thinking that I could have done better.

I know I can always do better in the future and that is very important for me to always consider.  I know that what I’ve done in the past has taken me to where I am right now and I know that the quality of my present will determine how my future will be.

What is behind me, is not any longer in sight.  But what is behind me can also work as an impulse that will take me to the place that I can constantly create for me as a continue to craft my destiny in this life.