I think that every one faces challenges.  Today I was not feeling well after a number of many things that have recently happened in my life.  There is this unciscious reaction to any challenge that makes me want to just run away from it.

I wonder if it is because any challenge is not confortable and I am used to feel confortable. Who doesn’t want to feel confortable for that matter!

We hear it over and over “oh the confort zone!”.  But, really, there are some days when you just need to express as crude as it is, your experience at being uncontorable, specially when dealing with a challenge, or should I say: any challenge!!

The challenge for me may not be a challenge for you.  Perhaps for me the challenge in front of me may be the size of mount Everest and for you just a walk in the park.  I think that in moments like that, you will get so conforted to hear from someone you trust, someone who really cares for you.

And if for whatever reason you don’t have anybody who really cares for you in moments of need, in moments of mount-Everest-challenge, I hope that by reading these words you can understand that there is always someone who has experienced the same challenge as you have.  And that no matter what, you will conquer.

I may be saying this right now to myself or maybe  you are having a challenged day or know someone who is.  Just know, that this too shall pass!