Imagine I want to plug my charger to the wall outlet.  Depending on the type of plug, I basically have to make certain elements be at a certain position so that the transfer of electricity flows between the charger and the outlet.

That process may seem like a very simple one, specially because it is a task that I do very often that I may not even think about the mechanics.

Now imagine a similar process when it comes to our interactions with others.  There are certain elements that need to be in place for a good exchange of ideas, concepts, expressions, emotions or experiences.  All of these create a flow from one person to another in a way that creates a connection.

Just as I am familiar with plugging in my charger to the wall, I can also be familiar with the relationships and interactions I have with others.  So many times I hear expressions like “it was great to connect with you” or “let’s connect next week”.

I sometimes connect with some people in such ways that we both feel that we get so much value out of our conversation.  It is great when this happens in a natural way.  Some other times, I may be willing to try really hard to connect with someone.  Yet it is not always the same result.  It is sometimes when least expected that great connections happen.

Life is so different every day, we are all different, we all have multiple responsibilities to deal with.  But no matter how easy or difficult a day me be, there will always be a chance to connect.  And this can be a simple exchange of a few words or sentences, or it can be a great conversation.

And the key to all this is basically being aware, being in the present moment.  And if I am aware, I may be able to be sensitive to the communication cues as I interact with others.  That will lead me to create the appropriate  environment with the right variables that get aligned at the right time so that the connection happens.

Therefore I am constantly willing to have genuine, real and meaningful human to human interactions that make every one involved feel connected!