It is always hard to know when you have enough.  It has to do with so many things, including certain habits that we may be forming unconsciously.  But it also it may have to do with how many things we don’t question anymore.  Things that come our way, specially the ones that do in repeated times.

There is a need to develop an awareness of ourselves.  I personally have observed in myself that I tend to gravitate towards what is easy, what does not require effort and what I can do almost in automatic.

When I am in that mode, I may be less aware.  I am in familiar mode and therefore I don’t pay attention as I would if what ever it is I am experiencing is new.  It may be a simple practice to remind myself constantly about what is happening in my awareness.

If I focus on certain values that are important or fundamental in my life, I can then put those values very visible in my mind as I run constant checks every time there is any event or thing that gets my attention.

It may be as simple as asking questions like: is this enough food for this meal?  Have I spent enough time in this project for the day?  Did I get enough relaxation over the weekend?

Enough requires some level of discernment.  It requires a sense of balance and a sense of harmony with all things.  Enough is the right amount before crossing the line of excess.