We live our lives in constant exchange.  It happens so many times in just one day that we are not even aware of it.  There is something to it that can inspire new ideas as a result of pondering on the value we get with the majority of exchanges.

Not to overwhelm with trying to think about all those exchanges, but.  I think it is worth the try to focus on one exchange that happens in one day.  It could be a conversation you have with someone that sparks something in you on in both of the people having it.  It could be sharing something that you know how to do and in return you also learn something new.

Another obvious exchange is when you pay for a product or service in exchange of money, but I that would be for me one thing that I am always tempted to through some creative thoughts into it.  I think that sometimes it is good to think out of the box.  To figure out ways in which we can perform an exchange in a different way.

We could also pay more attention to the nature of an existing exchange and by so doing we can find more value in the exchange.  Perhaps there is a better way to do it.  Perhaps there are a number of other things that the exchange can have variation and improvement.

I don’t think that we always have to stick with what ever has been defined previously for us.  If things could be better, you can always try to suggest new ways to perform the same exchanges.