There are two sides of expectation, the one that I have and the one that others have.  Is it valid to think that these days the level of expectation is normally high?  Perhaps it always has been.

I tend to get stressed when there is a high expectation placed on me.  Yet if I am honest, when I put expectation on others, I don’t necessarily think about how others may be feeling, but rather, I focus on my own expectation and whether it is being fulfilled or not.

One thing that for me may be different along the lines of putting expectation is that I tend to be very understanding.  I am sensitive and that means that I can easily understand what others may be going through.  This may lead me to reconsider any expectations I have set for others.

It is easy for me to unconsciously perceive someone’s expectations as a way of trying to manipulate their way into what they really want.  This again may touch on the point of me being sensitive.  But I always appreciate when someone is completely genuine and states up-front what the intentions are.

This is perhaps why I never liked the fancy world of politics.  I always thought that there wasn’t any genuine involved in politics.  After all and unfortunately these days, politics is all about driving certain agendas that not necessarily have a genuine intention to benefit others.  Instead, we get an impression that it is good for others but in reality what’s important is the agenda, hidden or unhidden of the politician or whoever is behind.

Going back to the point of expectation.  I believe that communication is always the key because being able to communicate properly will function as a guarantee that the expectation will not be completely unrealistic and therefore, there won’t be any surprises which could be as big or as small, depending on how high the attachment to the expectation may be.