There is so much that an experience evokes.  There are different ways to see it.  Every one has a unique experience.  I can have an experience as simple as putting money in a parkimeter.  I can have an experience by going to a new coffee shop.  I can have an experience while driving in a busy city under the rain.

Experiences for me motivate me to move, to do something different.  I can get on the car and drive for six hours without a previous plan.  Just because I feel the need to experience something.  This happened to me recently when I drove to Missoula, Montana in order to watch the premiere of a documentary called Minimalism Film.

I could have easily said to myself that it was too much driving for something that weeks later I could watch online.  Or even create any kind of justification not to do it.  But the experience to meet the people behind the documentary, the experience of getting to know these two individuals whom I started reading from back in 2010, was a driving factor that moved my emotions and put the action part in me to just get in the car and drive.

I am now, changing my intentions to focus more on the experience than in the pros and cons. I want to continue to create the best experiences in life for me.  And I know that I will find different types of experiences.  The good ones, the excelent ones, the bad ones, the remarkable, the beautiful, the unforgetable. I don’t want to even compare them.  I just want to aknoledge that any experience, will bring me lots of insights and by choosing what kind of experiences I want, I hould be able to craft how I experience life.