I am hoping that a true expert never calls himself an expert.  But I suspect it happens, even on some websites that they offer expert advice.

Expert may be what others observe about someone else who knows much more than anyone else.

As for me, I don’t aspire to become an expert in the areas that I normally work on.  I may become one, but who is to say that I have reached that level.  For the one who knows the same as me, I am not an expert, neither for the one who knows more.  But for the one who knows way less than me, I may be one of them.

So this is all about perspective, but my motive may never be to become an expert per-se, but rather just cultivate that passion or area of life in which I am interested on.  I may even become an expert just because I have done something so many times.

How about those who know how to drive a car, and drive a car every day to go to work or school.  Would they be therefore experts at driving after a year?  I can guarantee you that for the one who is willing to start to learn how to drive, these would be experts.

Although expert may be relative in different ways, it is somehow a needed word.