One of the inportant things in life is the family. It is something that normally I don’t think about too much about. In part beacuse my mind is normally busy with the most inmediate things in my world and in part because I am feel so much confidence when it comes to family that I don’t necesarily think that relationships with my family need to be cultivated and cared for.

Imagine the moment when you meet soneone new. You enjoy a good concersation and it sparks interest. Now imagine you still live at home with your parents and siblings. You may not feel the same excitement. Perhaps due to the fact that you are too familiar with your family.

There is one thing I know for sure. When it comes to going through challenging times and also exciting times, there is nothing kike counting with the support from your family.

Now this does not mean that your family has to be composed of your siblings and parents. Perhaps you have a good friend, an old friend, a best friend, someone you lived certain inportant cycles in your life.  Sometimes family is just that kind of friend who may always be there for you.

I believe that family is one of the most inportant aspects of life. Family not only deserves that we make priority with the time that we ser aside for it. Family is worth any effort we make for cultigating a good and strong relationship with.