There are all kinds of filters.  From the most phisical and tangible filters, to the ones that we only have in our minds.  Those are pretty tricky.  I always underestimate how much I need to have in place certain filters in order to keep myself on track.

My predominant introvert nature some times steers my descisions about how much I want to be exposed where there is a lot of noise and a lot happening.  Over the years I’ve noticed that when I am in places where there is a lot of poeple and noise, I feel uneasy becasue all of a sudden, I am challenged to filter a lot of information in my awareness.

I believe that being social is a need and part of our human nature.  I also believe that everyone is different, which makes everything more interesting.   Sometimes the social enviornment is a playground in which we play with the elements of different interactions we have by expresing parts of our lives.

There are times when those filters are really needed, there are times when it is important to not let those filters become a habit that as a result solifiies those filters in a way that prevent anyone to be open to new possibilities.

I’ve been trying to test sometimes the filters that I use on a daily basis.  The one the comes to mind for example is when I am in a crouded place and I am talking to someone. This situation forces me to try really hard to focus on what that person is saying.  It is hard for me to filter or tune out the other noise.

Then soon I may get tired or overwhelmed.  Perhaps because I tend to be sensitive and hearing a lot of noise without significant meaning, just adds a lot of information to process, without information to process in reality.

There is always opportunity for adapting to any circumstance.  The fact that I may not feel confortable where there is noise with no meaning in crowds, tells me that I may need to approach those circumstances in a different way.  I know there is people who thrive in those environments.

But, regardless of the type of person that you are.  There is always the need to implement certain filters.  Because those filters may be the key to getting where you want.

The information overload that there is these days is also a challenge.  The amount of content that surrounds us every day is sometimes overwhelming.  The life styles that are being created may not be what is conducive to a healthy life style over all.  But there is always a good way to find the right balance by filtering what we really want, and what we don’t.

It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, I think that we all need a time to think deeply about what is important to us.  And making that a practice can lead you into navigating well along the sea of information around you.

It is all a matter of feeling deeply what is it that we want from life and make good friends with the necesary filters in order to keep going in the right direction.