There is so much structure all around us.  The world is in such a way that life gets defined around certain parameters, standards, status quo and expectations.  This in a way leads us to loose somehow our true escense.

It becomes a challenge to be genuine.  There are so many habits and habit patterns that we don’t even stop and think how much of our behavor is defined by society and how much of our behavor comes from within our being.

Therefore, there is a need to continuously stand for what we are and to practice being genuine.  I say practice because I believe that being genuine requires practice in a noisy and busy  world in which we live.

I have discovered that there is a big chance for me to be genuine when I don’t have expectations from anybody.  And I observe how much room there is in people’s lifes for listening and for understanding, truly understanding the person they interact with.

Being genuine for me is being the real me who tuly listens and respects and does not expect.  Genuine is removing any other intentions that may tend to put on a mask behing any type of agenda.