There are times to realize that what you have been over the years, it pays off in different ways.  I’ve been always able to recognize this mostly when I am moving to a different city.

It is very inspiring to see that many people really care for me as I am saying some of my final words as a good bye.  I can see clearly that they don’t have to even say that they care for me because it is something that you just feel.

Even though it feels like a goodbye, it is in a way strange because I don’t feel it that way.  It must be the fact that the people I am saying goodbye to, will always remain in my heart and the hope is that I remain in theirs.

If I never see them again, at least I know that when I was with them, I gave my heart and that’s what matters not only in all kinds of relationships, but also in absolutely anything we do.  That is what can make a difference at the end of my life, but it does not have to be seen as something at the end, it can be something that is lived and acknowledged  right now.