This is only the second day I write about minimalism here.  I can’t say these are my first thoughts about it.  But what this makes me think is that there is nothing like intentionally working on the things that you have imagined before, that are important to you.  That is what happened to me today when I woke up, I first started thinking about what was important for me to do.

There is something that fuels the excitement and sorts the priorities that almost requires not much tinkering with the mental thoughts of logic.  It is passion.  When you feel passion for something, you get inspiration, you instantly know that it is something that attracts your attention as a magnet.

Why not create a life like that.  I life that has meaning to us.  I life that has no hidden agendas and timelines.  A life that has passion at the center of it.  A life that inspires us and inspires others to persue only what’s important.

We grow up and mature over the years influeced by a world that has pretty much everything set for us.  This may be a result of a very intricated nature of our current culture as a result of the industrial revolution.  Everything is made in batches, everything is categorized, there are standards and according to those standards, everyone is measured.

In the midst of all this, our soul yearns for freedom.  It is a freedom of completely owning our intentions, our motivations, our plans, our vision.  It is a sense that you can be free to imagine your own life and persue that life no matter what the standards the world has set in front of you.

I can’t imagine how the world was 50 years ago when technology was not so much around every one.  I would dare say that there have always been distraction no matter the era. Someone could say that these days, it is so easy to have a sudden distraction.  Perhaps something vibrated in your pocket, and you suspect it is that one email or text you’ve been waiting for.  Perhaps you uncosciously became trapped in the infinite loop of dopamine induction produced by a notification produced by a technological device.

And the question is: how do we focus on the things that matter, when all things seem to matter?

It is something important to ponder and think deeply.  It is never too late to take a very close look at what is happening in our lives and the meaning of it.  I recently went through a very difficult health situation.  And it made me think and evaluate my life as is.  I decided that, no matter what still happens, I have the power to set the proper intention to make it meaningful and to start creating the life I want, in the now and not in the future.

Start now, your future self will be always grateful you did!