Perhaps one of the things that I can be easily absorbed and interested on is on the creative process of inventing.  We live in a world that is full of all kinds of object and products.  As we grow up we are surrounded by media.  Government has been established as a framework that is supposed to serve the people.  Standards have been created in many areas including education and business.

Almost the whole life for a human being has been traced and mapped out as if it was just another batch in the production line of a product that is supposed to sell as much as possible.  A life that you can easily say that has been scripted for you.  So, no need to think, no need to be creative  No need to invent.

Why is it that not a lot of people would consider themselves inventors?  Is it because we see that as something that only geniuses posses a sort of ancient skill that is extinct?

Perhaps our lives are so full of activities and business that we simply can’t afford to invent things.  Perhaps we have been loosing the ability to practice, just as any other discipline or art, allowing the time to be creative.

Regardless of where you feel you are right now, there is always time to practice inventing things.  All you have to do is allow the time, be patient and pay close attention to your own inspirations which sometimes come in a very subtle way.

Just take a moment to listen those inspirations.  You will be surprised to learn that there is a great inventor inside of you.  That great inventor has the potential to come up with things that could help others, that could improve things and make something of great impact to this world.