I am pretty excited about embarking on a new journey.  One that I know with all my being that will bring a lot of meaning to my life as it is right now.

I have been becoming a minimalist over a few years now.  The desire to document my progress in life as I incorporate the minimalist life style has probably been there since I first read about it a few years ago from some of the minimalists like Colin Wright, Joshua and Brian from The Minimalists and also from Joshua Becker.

This story is going to be yet another story of someone who finds out about minimalism, becomes passionate about it and comes up with his own recipe. That was the case for most of them, and it will be the case with me.

You don’t have to wait until you get there, where ever that is, to share your journey. You can start, right where you are, right in this moment. And as you go on your own journey, whether you call it new or modify your existing, be sure to share that journey.  Others may relate to your story and they can get some value out of your experience.

We all live an experience in life.  All we do while we are here is to share that experience with others.  Everyone is on their own journey.  It can be a journey of one day, it could be journey through difficult challenges, it could be the journey of learning something new and exciting.