No matter how important or how big it is what you have to say and what you feel you can offer to the word.  You have to always leave room to listen.  To pause your internal dialogue that is ready to constantly talk about what you think about the world.  There is a tremendous value in listening.

It is such a rewarding experience to be at a point where there is nothing going in the background of your mind as other talk and express their thoughts.  It is like focusing on enjoying the moment as opposed to try to capture that moment in a photo.

When you listen, you develop an ability to be able to really connect with people.  Because you are able to engage in different ways, it also expands your experience by being able to experience something that someone lived that you not necessarily were able to experience.

Listening also allows you to forget about the other stuff that is happening in your life.  It is almost like a vacation that you take for a few minutes where you enter a different world.