I often hear expressions like “we are all connected” or  “we are in the same wave length”.   Which makes me think that we are in deed connected in so many ways.  We all interact and we all share something with others.

This can be seen in many ways and from multiple angles.  It could be the network of computers that currently form the internet. It could be the network of contacts and friends that we have in the contact app of our phone.  It could be the network of friends that we have or have had in the different stages of our lives.

I believe there is so much power, so much potential and so much room for tapping into these networks and get support from. We may underestimate this.  Specially, we go through difficult challenges in life that make us believe that we are the only ones in the universe that are going through this.

Here is a good way to prove this point: make a list of only 3 things that you are really passionate about.  If for some reason you can’t think of any, just think about 3 things that you love doing.  Now go to Meetup.com and search for those things that you love doing or feel passionate about.

There you have it.  In less than a minute, you have now access to a whole network of other individuals that gather to discuss, to share and ultimately, to network about that one specific topic, hobby or area of interest.

This is so simple, that you may think that a network can’t have this level of simplicity.

Now let’s say, right now you are not even in the mood to think about your passions or things you love.  It happens!  But know that: even if you are going through a problem in your life, there are people out there that you can network with who can help you and support you in ways that you cannot imagine right now.

So, why not, give it a try and network, it is worth it!