Living in the now is something that can be done inmediately. No matter where I am, no matter how busy my life may seem, no matter how worried I could be about the future or concerned about the past.

I only say this because I have decided just a few days ago when I decided to start writting every day.  But most inportantly, when I decided to start creating the life I really want to live.

It has been amazing how, a simple desicion can start transforming my life. I must say I have experienced some level of postergation syndrome in my life so far.  But making the determination to craft the life that I really want is what made the difference.

This does not mean that all my life has been resolved and that I won’t struggle anymore with the challenges that I face every day.  What this means is that living in the now is something that I can practice every moment.

The rewards for this simple practice are so many that I’ve been motivated to see how many aspects of my life I can apply this to and then improve in those areas.  Imagine you are given a chance that by magic, by taking a pill, or by a simple sentence, you live life to the fullest.

Living in the now can easily take you out of any state of mind that you may be trapped and not know about it.  The now is right where you are.  Just take a breath, and enjoy it!