One thing at a time is what I constantly need to remember as I try to make multiple decisions and setting up priorities.  I believe that the habit of multitasking makes so much room in my thinking process that it is almost as if the only way to think about doing something is by doing several things at the same time.  Even though I know full well that that is not possible.  In reality I end up just doing several things one thing at a time with so many interruption sin between them.

Today I found myself taking a break and getting my bare feet to get in contact with the earth by walking on grass.  And as I was doing that and having for a moment the sense of being in vacation, I caught myself trying to reach out for mu iPhone in my pocket and try do a few things, more than the one thing of walking.

I know that a simple task of walking is so natural to me that it is almost not even considered an action, therefore I can assume that I am walking, but I am not walking in the sense that I can do other things while walking.

But is that the moment where we start to loose complete awareness of the things we do?  Is that where we pay less attention on doing something really good in exchange of doing other things while doing the easy things we do almost unconsciously?

I may be exaggerating but, a simple idea that hit me is that no matter what I do, if at least I try to remember to once a day practice doing one thing and only that one thing I choose to do and nothing else, it may be all I need in order to bring the awareness I need as I do the other things during the day.

This is what may help me to be always in the present moment.  Always acknowledging that life is an experience and that no matter what I do, the one thing that can make a difference is if I am completely in the present moment.

Because honestly, I have interacted with others where just as the same process of walking, they do other things that are so easy and automatic, that it feels like they are not really there.  For example, someone who takes your order at the coffee shop.  All they want to do is take your order, get payment and go on with the next person in line.

Therefore, sometimes not paying attention anymore at something that became easy because we did that enough times, could be something to think about.  And perhaps leave some room during the day to do one thing and only THAT ONE thing!