There is something about overwhelm that makes me think that it is not a hopeless situation.  But rather, I consider it to be a signal to me that there is something that I must pay attention to in regards to how it is affecting me.

One of the best ways to look at overwhelm is by considering your house or your place of work.  Are there objects around you that you no longer need or have not needed for more than a month or a year even?

Overwhelm may seem like something that I don’t have control of.  Something that just happens to me and gives me a reason or justification for anything that may not be going well as a result.

Although I may see overwhelm as an unconscious challenge, I think that it can easily be turned into just a simple messenger that tells me: “Hey, you have created this.  You have committed to  more things that you can possibly handle.  I am here to tell you that things may not go well for you now and could get worse later!  If you don’t do anything, there may be more complications.”

I find it interesting when I take something that denotes a challenge or an emotional reaction and I consciously turn it into something positive.  Something that can help me to pay more attention to things in my life that require change or adjustment.  When I see things with this perspective, I can navigate easier along those challenges, overwhelm being one of them.