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One thing at a time is what I constantly need to remember as I try to make multiple decisions and setting up priorities.  I believe that the habit of multitasking makes so much room in my thinking process that it… Continue Reading →


It really does’t matter if I am ready. Because if I am not, I can be certain that eventually I will be. Sometimes that question of whether I am ready or not runs in the back of my mind as… Continue Reading →


Have you thought about writing an autobiography? These days I think a lot of people do that without knowing about it. It is the little details that happen in life that we can easily document as we go with the different… Continue Reading →


What would you do in ten minutes? That is the question I was just asking myself as I was trying to make some room to write my thoughts on minimalism.  Sometimes in my mind I get this sense that there… Continue Reading →


I often hear expressions like “we are all connected” or  “we are in the same wave length”.   Which makes me think that we are in deed connected in so many ways.  We all interact and we all share something with others. This… Continue Reading →


There is a sense of balance in almost everything I do.  But what balance means to me does not necessarily mean the same for someone else.  But I think that the most important balance I can look for is the… Continue Reading →

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