The past has something of value.  As long as you go back to bring something that may help someone in the present.  As long as it is a process in which some type of healing takes place.

The past is tricky.  The past may have some memories stored and hidden somewhere which may trigger interesting experiences in the present.  And I myself need to be careful about going there.

I find it very rewarding when I walk into my past for a moment and I get surprised by a series of insights that I never thought about before.  I guess it has to do with living an experience then and being at a different perspective now and from which that experience gets analyzed.

As I was asking my nephew about what possible ways he could apply the career he is trying to pursue next year, Mechanical Engineering, I realized I had several experiences as I worked as a software developer that sparked some interesting conversation.

The stories, which are somehow glimpses of the past and an effort to describe what happened, are so vast in anyone, that I believe many books could be written.  In many ways I think that writing something from the past could be a healing experience, but it could also be painful.

There is some science and numbers about how much we dwell in the past.  Even from the physiological perspective, there is something about it.  The past may shape our present and our present shapes our future.

You see the drama of life every day in restaurants, cafes, bars and any social gathering.  The drama gets repeated several times as people have the need to share, with emotion, their lives to their friends and loved ones.  I wonder what would happen to the restaurant economy if all of a sudden we did not have the need to talk about the past.

In a way we always deal with certain limitations of our memory as we rely in it in order to articulate properly what we want to do in the present and as we always strive to plan for the future.

Will it be possible to track how much we dwell in the past in just one day?  I think it may be a matter of awareness of our life as it goes in just one day.

When I have encounters with other people I haven’t seen in a while, I tend to immediately go to the past and remember those times when used to do this and that and others were there that did this and that.  And although it may be something from the past, I sometimes like to think that we never left the place and time.  And that our conversation is part of a same continuous interaction.  If you were to see someone only every year and you put together the events of every year in your memory, it feels like the past just does not exist.

What if the past didn’t exist and only the present is the reality?