I am on my first day of vacation. I am waiting for a good friend to go out to dinner as I am in the city from which I am flying from.

As I wait, I realized I may not have time to write today because I am staying my friend’s house and after dinner we may continue our conversations which sometimes are deep and tend to revolve around minimalism.

I was about to reach for my carry on suitcase, which has all my clothes and my laptop. So not even a briefcase today. Then I thought about a cumbersome process of opening the suitcase, extraxting the laptop and getting to the task of writing.

Then I thought of how could my process of writing today be simplified or minified if you will.  So I came up with the idea of writing on the phone.

Since WordPress.com app is not connecting to JetPack for some reason so that I write on this site which in a self hosted Wirdpress install, I ended up opening Safari on my iPhone and this is how I’m writting.

Sometimes you have to be practical and in so doing, you can do things that are important you, even in the midsts of small or big complications, depending on how you see it.

So. If you are determined to do something. Focus in being practical and just move forward. It WILL happen!