There isn’t a better way to be good at something other than through practice. There are different ways someone can learn to do something.  Everyone has a learning style.  But practice is what makes the master as they say.

For me the challenge is to keep myself motivated and be consistent with the practice of what ever I am learning to do.  And I think there has to be a minimum level of motivation in order to do anything.

Then there are the different stages.  When you see someone being masterful at something, it looks so easy.  I wonder if that is a natural way to get proper motivation to push myself into learning something new or improve certain areas of my life.  Because if I knew all the steps that it really takes, I would probably not start at all, never.

This makes me think that in reality, anything is possible.  No matter what it is, there is always the first steps to take.  And there are of course the challenges.  Specially when it comes to things that we didn’t think are going to be part of the learning process.  There ‘s always those thoughts that cross my mind like “oh, I didn’t know it took this much time”, or “mm, this is kind of difficult”.

I think it also has to do with my self imposed fears and limitations that at times, cloud my vision.  It all depends on how much I feed those fears and how much I simply make the decision to push into the unknown.  It does not take too long to realize that, it is sometimes just an illusion.

Nothing is easy. In the beginning that is.  And everything is easy, once we practice.  This sounds contradictory but I think it is the reality.  But one major motivation there should be is that the more I practice, the more masterful I will become. And the more I can eventually show others.

This concept of practice is very well put by Anthony Holdsworth, a very talented painter in San Francisco.  After seeing him paint, I felt that inspiration or motivation to learn how to paint.  And he immediately had his valid point of view:

It’s easier than you think.  It just takes practice.  Like everything else!
Practice is more important than what they call talent.  I’ve met many talented people who never perused it.  And I’ve  met many people with little talent who perused it and got really good!

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