Agendas, goals, expectations, culture, traditions, plans and strategies are some of the words that come to my mind as I ponder about what is it that impacts my ability to be real.

I start by saying this because I do apreciate when others are real.  Not that I am expecting others to be real.  Beacause I understand as well that, everyone is in their own process and life journey.  What influences the descisions of one person today, may not have that much influence tomorrow.

It can be as easy as having the feeling and knowing inside when someone is being real.  I know that the world these days offers too many subtle reasons for mascarading the way to be real.  I know that if someone wants to sell me something because there is a profit to be made, it becomes obvious for me that the person may not be genuinly interested in making a real connection with me.  Although that person depends on the ability to connect with others in order to do the job.

Has the world become less sensitive? Is technology allowing a gradual degradation of our ability to feel human?  How much distraction have we allowed to be around us, which seems to be important?  What is it really that we are all trying to accomplish?  Is life all about being a student for a few decades, having a career, getting  a job, making a living and do this in a competitive way?  And do it as fast as we can?  And be perhaps victims of several iteretions and variations of the status quo?

To me, being real is not too complicated.  It requires a simple action of dropping everything we think we know about the world and how we should behave.  And then, be in the present moment trying to understand and apreciate the other person that we have in front of us.

Being real means not trying to impose our own understanding of how the world should be and how others should be and what situations and circumstances should be according to our own standards.

Being real is just being oneself and being the best we can, in the present moment.