It could be that the first thing that the word recognition triggers is something that has to do with the ego and the importance of feeling accepted and feeling that there is recognition for what someone does.

I would not necessarily say that recognition is a negative thing.  There are many things these days that could be negative, depending on the perspective from which we see them.

Sometimes, in my observations of how others behave, I identify that there is an unconscious desire for recognition.  On the other hand, there may be things that I just don’t have enough information or perspective so as to make a more realistic assessment.

I think that we always see from our own unique perspective.  Because after all, everyone has a unique life and so many things can happen in each one’s life that it would be impossible to have the same perspective as others.

I also think that just being mindful and aware of recognition in any way it comes to us, is a good way to be able to embrace humility as well.  You never know when much or little recognition is needed for someone or even for yourself.

For me, my best wish is to have less recognition every time and more genuine feeling for doing what I do just for the love of doing things right and not because I may be in search of recognition.  I think that if I seek recognition first, I don’t pay attention to so many other things that could take me into a path of doing things in a better, or best, way.