It really does’t matter if I am ready. Because if I am not, I can be certain that eventually I will be.

Sometimes that question of whether I am ready or not runs in the back of my mind as I go through my own struggles to do what my own dreams have been mapping out.

But I know deep inside of me, that if I wait for the moment for me be ready, it may be too late. It is a very simple concept.  Yet it is the truth right now for me.

I can always think of a number of excuses so that I don’t start. I can end up even being creative as to justify to myself that there are a number of valid reasons to not start.

But if for a moment, I drop all fears and struggles and even those self justifications, I can definitely feel the motivation I need in order to start.

And realizing the fact that nothing will be completely perfect is an important key.  Because it is never about the end product, it is never about the final project or the end goal.  It is never about what we become or aspire to become. It is about what happens in the process!

So.  If I start today. No matter what it is. I will have an experience tomorrow.  An experience full of insights that are much more valuable than the reasons that I may have been choosing as stumbling blocks to not start.

So. I would say: start now!