There can be a number of dreams and ideas as well as strategies and plans.  But the steps continue to be a necesary action to be taken, no matter where we want to go, no matter what we want to be.

Taking each step may seem scary sometimes, but the reality is that each step should be easy.  Taking a simple analogy I can think of the steps I take while walking.  If I am walking to a place, I wouldn’t necesarily take one big giant step.  I can only take one step at a time, and do it in the way that my body will best allow me to.

On the other hand, I know that it will require me to take several steps until I get where I want to be.  But I cannot not expect to take the final step if I just started walking.  There isn’t any sience required to figure this, yet the analogy can be applied to anything we do.

Sometimes I end up giving too much power to certain fears when taking steps.  If I could only remember these words and know that every step is just a step, nothing else.  I would be able then to feel more confident as I walk all the necesary steps to take me to where I am going.