The days may take certain shape every day.  I tend to think lately that persuing an agenda may not be the most valuable thing to do.  On the other hand, the whole world is in a mode of persuing agendas, meeting timelines and acomplishing goals.

There is something to say about being able to support.  I think there is always a compromise when deciding weather to support something or not.  It gives me the sense that if I am to support, I am willing to give something of me that may not be confortable but that it would be something that would make me feel that I am contributing to something or someone for a good cause.

I sometimes find myself supporting for the sake of supporting.  I think that is an important thing to consider.  When I decide to support, I must be willing to give away control, to give away any expectations that I may have and to just focus on the action of supporting by being available in any way possible I can.

This in itself I believe can contribute to becoming a better person as I focus more on the act of doing things instead of a sense of struggle or even power struggles as I observe how other personal agendas come into play in the drama of life as I interact with others in the process of supporting a specific thing or mission.