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Agendas, goals, expectations, culture, traditions, plans and strategies are some of the words that come to my mind as I ponder about what is it that impacts my ability to be real. I start by saying this because I do… Continue Reading →


Part of my process of improving things in my life is being more aware.  But it is a process and not something that is done once and then you have it all the time. I sometimes wonder how much I… Continue Reading →


Routine is important.  I need it.  It is vital.  But, I don’t like it. I am not the type of person that is completly happy about being all the time under certain structure.  Perhaps it is in part when my… Continue Reading →


There is so much that an experience evokes.  There are different ways to see it.  Every one has a unique experience.  I can have an experience as simple as putting money in a parkimeter.  I can have an experience by… Continue Reading →


If I just think about the word without thinking about what this word stands for these days, the only thing that comes to mind is a man that is all about sales.  I guess that is what it is in… Continue Reading →


There are two sides of expectation, the one that I have and the one that others have.  Is it valid to think that these days the level of expectation is normally high?  Perhaps it always has been. I tend to… Continue Reading →

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