What would you do in ten minutes?

That is the question I was just asking myself as I was trying to make some room to write my thoughts on minimalism.  Sometimes in my mind I get this sense that there is too much to do and that the day is full already that there isn’t even ten minutes.  Perhaps it is an unconscious thinking habit of procrastination that prevents me from even trying to do just a little bit of something with the time given.

And I think that sometimes it takes little efforts done consistently that may take me into a momentum as I practice anything I want to do more.  After all when we do the things that we love, the things that we are passionate about, there is always that desire to do more of that.  And this could be a good cycle to get into.

So this will be a good reminder for my future self for those moments when I feel I am not doing as much of the things I love doing.  All it takes is just ten minutes to go back on track.  In fact right now I am feeling I entered a zone where there have been more than ten minutes writing.  It is a good place to be, it is a sign that I am really loving what I do.  And if I can do this in ten minutes, anybody else would be able to do what they love in ten minutes, even if it is once a week.

Next time I catch myself thinking too much about weather I have the time or not to do something I love, I will remember the rule of thumb that I am creating for me right now: just ten minutes!