The first thing that comes to mind when I think about tools is perhaps a hammer or something very tangible.  I wouldn’t imagine living without any kind of tool, in what ever shape or form that may be.  I remember a few years ago when I started thinking about minimalism and the incredible amount of objects that I could accumulate in a number of years.

I found myself in a process of learning about minimalism and what it could do to improve my life.  Eventually I started thinking about the idea of getting rid of objects that I no longer used.  And that of course included some certain tools.

As with any other kind of object, I think that tools could also be the ones that we can’t live without, the ones that we use offten, the ones that we barely use, and then there’s the ones that we used once and never used again.

This is not to say that tools are useless.  Quite the opposite. But it is just a question of when to use them and for how long to own them.  Would there be someone out there that could be using a tool every day that we only use once? Perhaps.