Without going into a formal definition of this word.  I think that it is such an important topic to talk about because today I realized that there is also other kind of toxins that we may allow to enter our being that not necessarily have to be a substance in the physical world.

The bottom line with toxicity is that you have to find the proper way to eliminate those toxins.  I think that the body is so gracious with us as we insist in generating a consistent amount of toxins.

I also realize that over the years I have probably allowed into my life more toxins than I would imagine.  Just because of the fact that I am not aware of what is actually being toxic and what not.

For the most part, we live a life that is so full of activity and busyness that we may not stop and think about what is it that we are allowing in.  Years pass and we then come to a sad realization that there has been an accumulation of toxins that because we have not been able to flush out, these toxins have produced some damage.

At the very basic level, I think that anything can be toxic when it creates a negative impact in yourself.  This includes somebody talking behind your back, or even a substance that is toxic to the body.

I will therefore be more mindful about what I allow to go into my life that may be toxic and identify what potential sources of toxicity may be around me so that I can eliminate the source and then not have to deal with consequences in the future when it may be too late.