Normally, the word value is associated with money.  But value has so much meaning than just money.  That, may be perhaps because of the fact that almost everything we do, eventually, is tied to a measurable quantity in a way that we can relate to.

If I tell you I will spend one hour with you to share with you something I am really passionate about, something that I have been working on, learning and cultivating skills around it over many years, and it is something that could potentially add lots of value to you.  What would be your first reaction?  … I can rush to say that as you were reading my proposition in the paragraph, and as if you were finding it interesting and appealing to you, one of the first thoughts that may have crossed your mind is: “uh ah, this sounds interesting, I wonder how much this may be?”.

I am not intending to make a whole dissertation about money and the economy as we all know it.  But rather, I would like to make one important point to remember, even when we relate value with money: value to me is something that makes me be a better person or something that improves any area of my life, for good.  And it does not matter the cost or how I get the value.  What matters to me is that I am getting a real benefit.

One of the most important questions that I make myself when practicing being a minimalist is: does this bring value to my life?

It sounds like a very simple and obvious question.  But there is so much power in how this question has been shaping my life over a couple of years and more so lately, as I have put more intention in living a meaningful life.

I think that at times I have stopped asking that question as I go in my days.  Perhaps I have been a victim of all those marketing campaigns that so many companies and corporations have put in place.  All that in an attempt to get my attention towards their products and services. Then at some point I have found myself believing that “I need” everything that “looks” like it will bring me value without questioning if it really does.

This takes me back to that point of money.  In reality, any company’s end goal is to make money.  And although there is nothing wrong with it, there is always the tendency for greed, which may have the mask of growth in the name of improving and progressing.

We live in such a world of so much distraction, that even finding good value in the experiences we have every day seems to be something that is left for that one day when you go on vacation and have all the time in your life to do: valuable things.

  • In what part of the equation, have we, as an intelligent human species, lost that ability to live a life that is completely full of value?
  • Why have we all become so busy and therefore, deprived ourselves of living a life of value?
  • Don’t we have the power to change and re-imagine the life we want to live right now?

These are some important questions to ask.  I don’t think I have to wait until the whole world realizes certain things that need to be changed.  I can’t continue to wait for the world to wake up.  I can have the wake up call myself and intentionally make the changes I need to make, so that I can focus less on temporal ambition and more on value.

I know that by changing those questions from “we” to “I”, there is no need to wait for the world to change, because I can change my own world and perhaps others will follow.