What a good feeling to know with all your being that you know where you are going, no matter how you will get there.  No matter the possible obstacles that may be along the way.  No matter the challenges that you may face.

Having that feeling allows you to visualize that place that you are thinking you will be.  And it is only when you fully believe that you will get there when things start moving in that direction.

You are convinced that you will get there.  So any challenge can show up as many times as you may be surprised, and still you know you will be there.  This not only propels you and gives strenght but it also helps you all along the way in believing in yourself.

When you believe in yourself, there is no need to rely on what others think.  Because you know full well, that the vision you hold in your mind and heart, is so real and it will be real.

Having the vision of anything that is meaningful to you, may be the key that will unlock the wonderful ship in which you will traverse the experience of life.  You eventually will discover that you have been living a divine plan all your life.  But sometimes it is necesary not to see the different pieces of the puzzle.

Be bold and have the courage to dream, to create, to ponder, to build that vision that you will fully believe in.  Go and persue that vision, it is worth every single bit of effort.  Once you get there, you will discover that you have already a new vision.  What a wonderful thing to treasure in your own life!